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The simplest statement,
spoken from the heart,
is more profound
than scripture

I fixed a four year olds favorite toy
With little more then the flick of a button
He looked me in my eyes
And smiled like he was opening a birthday present
postmarked from heaven

“wow daddy, u r superman batman!”.

“Moment of Silence” featuring Lady Pcoq

Love is a language of laughter and tears But the most telling moments are ones of silence We have built this house Where love reverberates of walls And this isn’t sound The squeek of the door The creaks in the floor The pitch. The mood We’ve tuned each other out every story has been toldContinue reading ““Moment of Silence” featuring Lady Pcoq”

Bomani on NPR’s “Tell Me More” with Michel Martin

In light of the child sexual abuse scandal at Penn State, host Michel Martin explores the challenges of mentoring and how that role is changing. She speaks with a diverse panel of mentors: two fathers and a young journalist.  Join Bomani Armah, Phil Lerman (author of the “Dadditude” and former producer on America’s Most Wanted)Continue reading “Bomani on NPR’s “Tell Me More” with Michel Martin”

A Teachable Moment

This is my second home. 6pm, a crowded room of 12-18 year-olds, fresh off of their Doritos and grape soda hi’s. One of the more affable students, a 12 year old whose futile attempts at being gangsta only make him more lovable, for the first and only time gets a running start and jumps onto my back. Instinctively I reach behind me, grab him by the shoulders and begin to flip him over me. We are both laughing hysterically, and enjoying this moment. From the clues I’ve gotten from his grandparents, he doesn’t have a lot of interaction with grown men. Not in school, not at home, not in the streets that baby sit him, but here he’s my kid. Then another of student yells out “PENN STATE!”

And there you have it.

Like the rest of the nation, I have finally had a moment to breath. To inhale the stale stench of the Penn State phenomena, process this betrayal of the children, and the details of this heinous crime. This is the time to ask the cliche question “so what did we learn from this?”. In this instance that question can be quite chilling because almost all cases like this involve someone who is taking advantage of their position as a leader, mentor and educator of young lives. These crimes are perpetrated by people who are assigned the task of seeking out, and taking advantage, of teachable moments. For all intents and purposes Sandusky and I are in the same business, actively looking to have access to children, to help them through teachable moments. His alleged crimes casts a shadow over me and the millions of adults who have the trust of parents, children and communities. The “joke” a student yelled at me was just an extended part of the assault that Sandusky has perpetrated on all of us. The children involved in these crimes undoubtedly have asked “what did I learn from this? About proper adult behavior? About my own sexuality? About how the world feels about me?”

“Peek-A-Boo” World Premiere!!

Thanks to everyone who supports grown up hip-hop, and my sons Olu & Dela for inspiring this song, and Eshe from bringing me Olu & Dela. Please understand, my marketing and promotion team consists of me, myself, I and you!  If you like this video, please pass it along.  Forward it to great parents, soonContinue reading ““Peek-A-Boo” World Premiere!!”

Betrayed by Judgement

The jury of Knowledge, Intellect, Reason and Logic convene for as long as God blinks and return with a verdict that is true A truth painfully contraire to the version batted around while lounging on our backs with smiles flowing figure eight enticed by flickering shadows of bare feet dueling in the glow of lateContinue reading “Betrayed by Judgement”

T.O. Shoulda Played Tennis

Could you imagine Terrell Owens patrolling the base line at Wimbledon? With his incredible lateral movement and reach he’d be a terror. Imagine him coming to the net with that vertical jump, or the way he could wear out an opponent with his amazing stamina and work ethic. Most importantly, imagine Terrell Owens with NOContinue reading “T.O. Shoulda Played Tennis”

Steele & Jindal: What Can Brown Do For You?

The profile of national politics has changed dramatically over the past 8 months. These changing times has added a certain “tint” to politics, a brand new “hue” if you will. Okay, enough beating around the bush, where did all these colored people come from? There was a time that Representatives Harold Ford, JC Watts andContinue reading “Steele & Jindal: What Can Brown Do For You?”

Barack & Michelle, Please Send Sacha and Malia to DCPS

President Barack Obama The White House Dear Mr. President. First let me tell you how incredibly proud and inspired I am by your ascension to the Presidency. As the father of two African American boys with “funny foreign names”, your tenure is already a success in my eyes. When I tell Olu Femi & DelaContinue reading “Barack & Michelle, Please Send Sacha and Malia to DCPS”

Election 2008: It’s All About Color

Like most 30 year old urban professionals, I am completely thrilled with this election season. I am awe struck by Barack Obama’s ability to navigate the shaky political landscape that has been set before him. Between the unnecessary or ill planned wars, economical travesties, the class warfare, and the never ending battles over the government’sContinue reading “Election 2008: It’s All About Color”

Real Sex…for 10 Year Olds: Why Abstinence Only Doesn’t Work

Imagine for a second, a 50 year old adult with their eyes squinted shut, their pointer fingers jammed in their ears, and their whole upper body swiveling like a water sprinkler yelling “La La La La La!” at the top of their longs. That is the personification of the abstinence only program many socially consciousContinue reading “Real Sex…for 10 Year Olds: Why Abstinence Only Doesn’t Work”

Palin for President

Did you notice that tremendous thunder this Friday following the awe-inspiring speech by Barack Obama from over a mile high in the sky? No? That’s because the McCain campaign stole it with it’s out of this world decision to select Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential candidate. This announcement made her the first women to everContinue reading “Palin for President”

Reflecting on Read a Book

The end of last summer I felt that I was in the midst of a perfect storm, that place where conscious/socially relevant art was clashing with commercial media and the on going battle that BET likes’ to call “Hip-Hop vs. America”. This storm is causing a shift in the movement to uplift blacks, and theContinue reading “Reflecting on Read a Book”

Barack, Show’em Your White Side

“That’s why I chose you. See . . . you one a ‘dem!!” – Samuel L. Jackson in “A Time to Kill” So the hubbub has finally subsided. The King of Black People (Jesse Jackson) and the Prime Minister (Al Sharpton) have officially knighted Senator Obama as black enough. Of course it took a gangContinue reading “Barack, Show’em Your White Side”