1-3-2023 The Morning Announcements

Welcome to the morning announcements with Bomani Armah on Tuesday, January 3, 2022. I am Bomani Armah and we are 214 Days away from Watermelon Day at Sankofa. We are here to Honor the Ancestors, Prepare the Descendants, and Love Right Now.  Help me break the algorithm. Pass along some positivity. Join my email listContinue reading “1-3-2023 The Morning Announcements”

12-08-2022 The Morning Announcements

Welcome to the morning announcements with Bomani Armah on Thursday, December 1, 2022. I am Bomani Armah and we are 240 Days away from Watermelon Day at Sankofa.  Help me break the algorithm. Pass along some positivity. Join my email list at BomaniArmah.com. Today’s Libation: Joseph Briggs December 8, 1965 – October 4, 2019 JoeContinue reading “12-08-2022 The Morning Announcements”

Tonight’s Book: Kwame Nkrumah’s Midnight Speech for Independence

On a humid March night in 1957, Kwame Nkrumah made history. While thousands of people cheered, including dignitaries from around the world, he announced his country’s independence. After many years of British rule, Ghana, formerly the Gold Coast, became the first sub-Saharan African nation to break free from colonial rule. Kwame Nkrumah’s Midnight Speech for Independence shares the story of Nkrumah’s historic declaration of Ghana’s independence and the years of struggle that led to that celebrated event.

Baba Bomani presents “Say It Loud” at Bloombars

Join Bomani Armah aka Baba Bomani aka the Watermelon Man as he leads an all ages Hip Hop party and song writing session “Say it Loud”! An evening of family friendly Hip-Hop. Baba Bomani will perform tracks from his edu-taining album “Baba Got BARS”, lead the audience in writing their own rhymes, and premiere songsContinue reading “Baba Bomani presents “Say It Loud” at Bloombars”

Bomani Performs at the Worker’s Poetry Fest

I had a great time performiing in Takoma Park for the Worker’s Poetry Fest!  I’m on first, but stick around for all the passionate performers were on point. Work. It’s just a four-letter word for some people or a life’s calling for others. Work raises fundamental questions about workers’ rights, income inequality, and the pitfallsContinue reading “Bomani Performs at the Worker’s Poetry Fest”

The Writing Process at Wilson Baker

One of the greatest joys in my life is working with thee wonderful students on Mondays this semester. We’re going to shoot a proper video for this track soon. Support the music and the movement! BabaGotBARS.com I’m CHORUS When I want to write something and my thoughts are all a mess I put it allContinue reading “The Writing Process at Wilson Baker”

Armahs 2 Afrika iPad Raffle!

Olu and DeLa have been playing the drums since they learned to stand simply by pulling themselves up on the djembes they received as first birthday gifts. They’ve been learning Malinke rhythms for the last four years from founder/artistic director, and Djembefola (Djembe Master) of Farafina Kan, Mahiri Fadjimba Keita. Farafina Kan is booked toContinue reading “Armahs 2 Afrika iPad Raffle!”

Cosby Defenders Sound Trumpian

Cosby defenders sound like Trump defenders. Just like in much of Trump’s legal problems, all the most damning evidence against Cosby (both about drugging women and his attitudes towards drugging women) is from his own mouth. Whether him joking about Spanish fly on his stand up album or his Larry King interview, or him havingContinue reading “Cosby Defenders Sound Trumpian”

#NaPoMo 3/30 “Soft Language”

This is Bomani Armah, aka the Watermelon Man aka Baba Bomani. Happy National Poetry Month! Make sure to check out my songs about creative writing and get your “Writers Don’t Make Mistakes…” t-shirt! Click on the links below and also check out notarapper.com babagotbars.com This is my 3/30 and it’s 16 bars on a topicContinue reading “#NaPoMo 3/30 “Soft Language””

Disillusioned White Man’s Spite and White Supremacy

Let me help the news with their headline. “Disillusioned white man blows up successful Black and Latino people for no apparent reason other than spite and white supremacy.” After the sadistic murders of Anthony Stephan House and Draylen Mason, and injuries to a third Latina victim, the news reported that all the victims of theContinue reading “Disillusioned White Man’s Spite and White Supremacy”

Don’t-Want-to-Think-too-Hard Piece on Justin Timberlakes Halftime Show

I got to get my Justin Timberlake thoughts out of my head or they are going to grow into an unbearable and unnecessary full-length think piece. So here it is real quick: 1. Justin is Michael Jackson’s nightmare. I don’t blame Justin for being white and being addicted to performing the world’s most captivating music,Continue reading “Don’t-Want-to-Think-too-Hard Piece on Justin Timberlakes Halftime Show”

How Men Talk Publicly About Relationships.

I wanted to talk this morning about how men talk about our romantic relationships in the public sphere. Especially popular music and social media since the two are my profession and obsession respectively. I’m not going to really give relationship advice. I’m always wary of that, since relationships are so distinct to each couple havingContinue reading “How Men Talk Publicly About Relationships.”

Baby Jesus Would’ve Needed TPS (Mathew 2:13-23)

Thinking about Dr. King and his activism has me thinking even more about faith and civil rights. I am not a Christian. I have, however, been raised, loved and cared for from the beginning until now by them. I know a lot of their stories. I know how noble they have been in fighting forContinue reading “Baby Jesus Would’ve Needed TPS (Mathew 2:13-23)”

Watermelon Day 2018 Planning Meeting

Peace family. Happy 2018. Wanted to say hello to everyone and give a few updates on what is going on with notarappe.com. First things first. Watermelon day 2018 will be Saturday August 4th 12pm this year. Our first planning meeting will be January 27th at 2pm at Sankofa Video and Books. Some of you watchingContinue reading “Watermelon Day 2018 Planning Meeting”

Bomani & Sankofa Homeschool Collective Featured in the Washington Post.

This fall I was featured in this article in the Washington Post.  Check out a few paragraphs and then click the link! Why we’re considering home schooling our biracial son by Tracy Jan The declaration came emphatically, out of nowhere — dropped between sudsing his hair and rinsing out the shampoo with a plastic yellowContinue reading “Bomani & Sankofa Homeschool Collective Featured in the Washington Post.”