B.A.R.S. (Bomani Armah wRiting System)

September 16, 2016



Hello fellow educators!  For well over 15 years I have been using hip-hop, poetry and multi-media disciplines to teach fun and informative workshops with all ages from kindergarteners to graduate students. As you know, the art of MC’ing is reliant on the ability to rearrange complex ideas into concise rhymes. If they done correctly, MC’s […]

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September 7, 2016


#lookingboychallenge #endrapeculture floss looking boy, boss looking boy, at the bar showing off looking boy that’s just a decoy for the pills you deployed took her home and enjoyed rick ross lookin boy ioeno why you free looking boy rob women of their bodies looking boy then treat her like a toy, are you trying […]


September 2, 2016


#stakesishighchallenge Good thing I put shea butter on my elbows. Spitting some grown man shit about how high the stakes are for me right now.Teige Jireh you ever have a moment when realities of life spoke to you? that happened when i got this track to put my vocals to stakes getting higher each stage […]


August 26, 2016


I’mma properly record these soon, but If i don’t just spit them out I’ll sit on them forever… #shookoneschallenge the war on drugs ain’t just reagan and nixon the blood in my eye causes rose colored vision so i approach the game like george jackson in san quentin remind myself that patience has it’s limits […]

The Watermelon Man Album

August 6, 2016



It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the Watermelon Man Album.  A collection of songs I about and for my people working hard to change the world around them.  The first track “Libation” is my new official theme song. “Energy does not die, it transforms” is a mantra that reminds me of how temporary our […]

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Growing Up Green: Hip-Hop Poetry and Composting

August 2, 2016


repost from Young Audiences of Maryland Teaching Our Youngest Learners Environmental Citizenship Through the Arts Part 2: Local Ecosystems This Spring, Young Audiences wrapped up the initial phase of its pilot programming for Prince George’s County Public School District’s new arts integration initiative, Growing Up Green. We introduced the program in an earlier blog post, […]

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Bambataa, KRS-ONE & the Hip-hop Creation Story

July 25, 2016



One of the greatest accomplishments in my life has been facilitating safe havens for young people by using the elements of hip-hop culture.  Hip-hop “culture” is not a complete culture by itself, it is an offshoot of black culture and includes expressions of art especially graffiti, breakdancing, dj’ing, mc’ing, beatboxing, fashion etc.  This force has […]

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Watermelon Day, August 6th 2016

June 14, 2016


Copy of Back to School Poster Template

Watermelon day is a celebration of summer and summers favorite fruit. Established by the national watermelon association (NWA), it is now celebrated nationwide. In Washington DC Bomani Armah began celebrating watermelon day with festivals featuring music and art in Northwest DC starting in 2011. Today not only does watermelon day feature summer’s favorite fruit it […]

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Bomani @ Culture Coffee 3/18/2016

March 10, 2016



Join Bomani Armah (aka the Watermelon Man) as he debut’s all new music that will appear on his forthcoming album “The Watermelon Man” at Kennedy St.’s latest gem called Culture Coffee. https://www.facebook.com/events/1705753839711467/

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4 Ways I Stay Sane as the State Executes My People in the Street

January 4, 2016


tamir family

My job, at this point, is to maintain my sanity in a country that I pay my taxes to, and pledge allegiance to, even though it still does not see me as human. Somehow, I have remained eternally optimistic about my life, my future, and the future of our children in this country, despite seeing it snuffed out on video at the whim of an emotionally unstable employee of the state. How have I done this? Is it naiveté? Is it faith? Is it insanity? Maybe it is a combination of the three. I’ve only recently tried to figure out what it is that keeps me going mentally and emotionally. Here is a short list of the few things I know comforts me in this situation.

Chi-raq is 2015’s “Doing Too Much” not its “Do the Right Thing”.

December 14, 2015



Seven years ago around this time, we had just elected a black president. I remember the buzz in the air that lasted long after election night. Everyone was trying to figure out the new world we were in, and just happy to have lived to see it.  That year I ended up over my best […]

“SAY IT LOUD!” at Sankofa Video & Books Cafe

September 11, 2015


say-it-loud-logo 2

My favorite place is Sankofa Video and Books Café. We are having a special event on Friday October 2nd from 8pm to 11pm called “Say It Loud!”. Here’s what you do: Go buy the special 2 for $15 tickets at http://sankofasayitloud.eventbrite.com (special price until September 21st). Come early, check out the drinks and the food […]

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Bomani Talking Fatherhood and Homeschooling on Views and Vibes

August 19, 2015


bomani views and vibes

Whenever Tariq Omarii calls, I’m there.  Thanks again brother, for inviting me to talk about fatherhood and homeschooling on Views and Vibes.  To be clear (I realize I might give a different impression on social media) I am not a “single father”.  Olu & Dela’s mom is just as invested and active even though the […]

4 Hip-Hop Resources 4 Your Kids

August 10, 2015



Whether KRS-1 was screaming “You Must Learn!”, Inspektah Deck admonishing us to “…speak the truth to the young black youth”, Slick Rick teaching lessons in “Hey Young World” or Nas encouraging the youth with “I Can”, hip-hop has always tried (to varying degrees of success) to incorporate the kids.  I get asked all the time […]

Bomani Visits 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades by Emily Hill

July 20, 2015


Sandy Hill 5

I had the pleasure of getting across the Bay bridge and working with students in Dorchester County this past Spring.  Ms. Emily Hill did me the honor of publishing a story about it in the local newsletter.  I can’t wait to go back next year! Dorchester County Public Schools Every Child A Success! Henry V. […]

Bomani on the Global African for The Real News Network

July 13, 2015


bomani global african

I had the extreme pleasure of appearing on the Global African with Bill Fletcher Jr.  Here is the video and the transcript of my interview.  Click the link here to find out more about The Global African and the Real News Network! BILL FLETCHER, HOST, THE GLOBAL AFRICAN: Today on The Global African, we’ll talk […]


February 22, 2015


couple blanket

SNOW DAY (POEM) (original appearing as part of the play “ST 1.O” produced by New Galaxy Productions)   We hibernate Nestle nuzzle cuddle snuggle Today a storm has once again saved the day I spend that grace with a fresh angelic face   In a cozy den tucked away stocked cabinets turn to picnic baskets: […]

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David Amongst Us (for Ruby Dee)

February 13, 2015



I had the distinct honor of reading this commissioned piece for the DC Commission of the Arts screening of “Life’s Essentials with Ruby Dee”.  I hope you are inspired by it: Before King David wore his crown before he ever used a slingshot to knock Goliath down the reason King Saul kept this young man […]

Buycott “Prelude to Procrastination”

January 7, 2015


prelude to procrastination

Black Root is the proto-typical local artist.  Some would take that as a diss, as a statement on Black Roots commercial and artistic ceiling.  As a “local” artist my self, I can tell you that it can be the highest compliment.  He has rooted himself deeply into the inner fabric of a community.  His every […]

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Communicating through Hip Hop

December 18, 2014


Featured Image -- 3400

Originally posted on Young Audiences/Arts for Learning Blog:
By Bomani, Young Audiences teaching artist and Hip Hop poet Before my recent residency with fourth-graders at Scholars K-8 in Baltimore County began, the teachers I worked with–Mrs. Brumbalow, Ms. Barnes, and Ms. Hicks–had prepared the students for my arrival. When I walked through the door on…

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What are we Marching For?

December 14, 2014



What are we marching for? When I ask this question I am not being satirical. I’m not being an asshole trying to demean the efforts of thousands walking down the street with a backhanded question. I really want to know. I have the utmost respect for people who put their time, energy and body on […]

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This Light of Mine

October 2, 2014



So, yesterday I had the cutest kindergarten girl at an assembly in a private school ask me during the Q&A portion “Did you grow up poor?” and I had a 7th grader at a suburban public school tell me she thought Queen Latifah’s “U.N.I.T.Y.” video was intimidating because the “gang of people” in the streets.  […]