Bomani Discussing Fatherhood and Homeschooling on Views & Vibes

When ever Tariiq Omari calls I’m there.  This brother has been hosting this fun and informative show in the DC/PG county area for years now, and I have met some of my most important business connections just networking with his other guest.  On this episode he brought me in to talk about father hood.  First thing I realized is that I need to be careful that I’m not giving the impression that I am fathering alone.  My children’s mom, Eshe, is more than present in their lives, and even though they live with me primarily now, we are completely sharing this responsibility.  I am also wary of considering myself and expert.  I, like most parents, am making this up as I go along.  The work that I am doing with various homeschooling collectives and fatherhood groups, however, is my pride and joy.  This opportunity to discuss it in depth was truly appreciated.  Thanks Tariq!

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