Bomani Discussing Fatherhood and Homeschooling on Views & Vibes

When ever Tariiq Omari calls I’m there.  This brother has been hosting this fun and informative show in the DC/PG county area for years now, and I have met some of my most important business connections just networking with his other guest.  On this episode he brought me in to talk about father hood.  First thingContinue reading “Bomani Discussing Fatherhood and Homeschooling on Views & Vibes”

Debut of “The Baba Bomani Show” podcast

W’zup Family! Take a listen to my latest project, “The Baba Bomani Show” podcast!  This podcast is dedicated to everything education and youth development.  Featuring interviews, discussions and tips on art integration, STEM and STEAM, experiential learning, education policy, educational music and much more!  This show is for parents, teachers and everyone else interested inContinue reading “Debut of “The Baba Bomani Show” podcast”

Bomani Talking Fatherhood and Homeschooling on Views and Vibes

Whenever Tariq Omarii calls, I’m there.  Thanks again brother, for inviting me to talk about fatherhood and homeschooling on Views and Vibes.  To be clear (I realize I might give a different impression on social media) I am not a “single father”.  Olu & Dela’s mom is just as invested and active even though theContinue reading “Bomani Talking Fatherhood and Homeschooling on Views and Vibes”

4 Hip-Hop Resources 4 Your Kids

Whether KRS-1 was screaming “You Must Learn!”, Inspektah Deck admonishing us to “…speak the truth to the young black youth”, Slick Rick teaching lessons in “Hey Young World” or Nas encouraging the youth with “I Can”, hip-hop has always tried (to varying degrees of success) to incorporate the kids.  I get asked all the timeContinue reading “4 Hip-Hop Resources 4 Your Kids”

How Columbus Helped Me Discover Home Schooling

In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue. It’s amazing the things people discover by accident.  Discovering that my sons where learning the poem that began with those lines was the end of my children’s public education.  You see, I don’t pay attention to Columbus Day.  Other than wishing there was a hell forContinue reading “How Columbus Helped Me Discover Home Schooling”

Homeschooling Week 1 aka VEGAN WAFFLES!

The first thing I was told I need to do to start homeschooling is to “unschool”.  To get out of the idea that lessons and learning have to be in a sterile environment with rote memorization of facts.  This seems to be the most fun thing about homeschooling so far, and it’s interesting finding waysContinue reading “Homeschooling Week 1 aka VEGAN WAFFLES!”