#stakesishighchallenge Good thing I put shea butter on my elbows. Spitting some grown man shit about how high the stakes are for me right now.Teige Jireh you ever have a moment when realities of life spoke to you? that happened when i got this track to put my vocals to stakes getting higher each stageContinue reading “#stakesishighchallenge”


I’mma properly record these soon, but If i don’t just spit them out I’ll sit on them forever… #shookoneschallenge the war on drugs ain’t just reagan and nixon the blood in my eye causes rose colored vision so i approach the game like george jackson in san quentin remind myself that patience has it’s limitsContinue reading “#shookoneschallenge”

The Watermelon Man Album

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the Watermelon Man Album.  A collection of songs I about and for my people working hard to change the world around them.  The first track “Libation” is my new official theme song. “Energy does not die, it transforms” is a mantra that reminds me of how temporary ourContinue reading “The Watermelon Man Album”

Growing Up Green: Hip-Hop Poetry and Composting

repost from Young Audiences of Maryland Teaching Our Youngest Learners Environmental Citizenship Through the Arts Part 2: Local Ecosystems This Spring, Young Audiences wrapped up the initial phase of its pilot programming for Prince George’s County Public School District’s new arts integration initiative, Growing Up Green. We introduced the program in an earlier blog post,Continue reading “Growing Up Green: Hip-Hop Poetry and Composting”

4 Hip-Hop Resources 4 Your Kids

Whether KRS-1 was screaming “You Must Learn!”, Inspektah Deck admonishing us to “…speak the truth to the young black youth”, Slick Rick teaching lessons in “Hey Young World” or Nas encouraging the youth with “I Can”, hip-hop has always tried (to varying degrees of success) to incorporate the kids.  I get asked all the timeContinue reading “4 Hip-Hop Resources 4 Your Kids”

Bomani on the Global African for The Real News Network

I had the extreme pleasure of appearing on the Global African with Bill Fletcher Jr.  Here is the video and the transcript of my interview.  Click the link here to find out more about The Global African and the Real News Network! BILL FLETCHER, HOST, THE GLOBAL AFRICAN: Today on The Global African, we’ll talkContinue reading “Bomani on the Global African for The Real News Network”

New Single “My People!”

Thank you guys for always supporting the music that supports you!  This is my new single, I’d love to shoot a video for it before the end of this year.  This features Charles Stewart on drums, David White on bass, Mark D. Hatcher on Guitar, and yours truly on keys and percussion.  Please take aContinue reading “New Single “My People!””

The Indie Show with Omekongo Dibinga

(scroll down to see a performance and music video from Omekongo) Introduction: Welcome to the even place. My name is Bomani Armah. We are taping my show today called ‘The Indie’. We’re talking about independent thought, independent business, independent art—got one of my favorite independent people sitting here next to me, Mr. Omekongo Dibinga. SayContinue reading “The Indie Show with Omekongo Dibinga”


So, I’m here with my family and co-conspirators putting together this years Malcolm X Birthday Celebration, and we realized why this is such an important event for us.  There should be more opportunities in our community to reflect on our shared legacy of struggle against oppression, celebrate our abilities and potential as a people, andContinue reading “5 WAYS YOU CAN HELP!”

“More than the Mic” with Rae Shine

Thanks again for reading my blog.  If you don’t already know, I’m one of several skilled engineers who work out of Urban-Intalek Studios in Washington D.C..  I’m passionate about helping people find and express their voice artistically, and working at Washington D.C.’s premiere boutique studio is a great way to do it!  I’ll be postingContinue reading ““More than the Mic” with Rae Shine”

#Buycott Substantial’s “Home is Where the Art is”

It was after sunset, so the breeze bit a little harder, and the jacket I wore was a little thin.  I’m usually in a better mood while waiting for my mobile reading room and writing desk (aka the 70 bus) but I had just finished a week of running ragged by oversleeping and missing myContinue reading “#Buycott Substantial’s “Home is Where the Art is””

Raising Other People’s Kids

The brother greeted me with a smile and a “good morning” as I boarded the E4. He couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 years older than me, he could’ve been younger.  His demeanor lightened everyone’s mood, which was great, because in a few moments I realized I was going the wrong way.  IContinue reading “Raising Other People’s Kids”

The Angle Episode #6 (Art Enables)

From the first time the Director for The Angle was introduced to Art Enables in 2009, he has been an advocate for this dynamic organization. When the idea that The Angle would have episodes, featuring Art Enables was early on the list to capture. Park Triangle featured the organization a few years back for TheContinue reading “The Angle Episode #6 (Art Enables)”

Recording Studio Tip #1

A professional recording studio can be intimidating for a newbie.  The huge $1000 microphone, the flashing lights on the compressors and pre-amps, the moving faders and the wave lengths magically appearing on screen, all there to turn the songs you sang in the shower or spit in front of a sparse open mic crowd, intoContinue reading “Recording Studio Tip #1”

The Angle Episode #3 (E. Ethelbert Miller)

E. Ethelbert Miller is a literary activist. He is the board chairperson of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). He is a board member of The Writer’s Center and editor of Poet Lore magazine. Since 1974, he has been the director of the African American Resource Center at Howard University. Mr. Miller is the formerContinue reading “The Angle Episode #3 (E. Ethelbert Miller)”

The Angle Episode #2 (Christylez Bacon)

Christylez Bacon (pronounced: chris-styles) is a GRAMMY Nominated Progressive Hip-Hop artist and multi-instrumentalist from Southeast, Washington, DC. As a performer, Christylez multi-tasks between various instruments such as the West African djembe drum, acoustic guitar, and the human beat-box (oral percussion), all while continuing the oral tradition of storytelling through his lyrics. With a mission towards culturalContinue reading “The Angle Episode #2 (Christylez Bacon)”

Bomani on “Views & Vibes”

Tariiq Omari Walton invited me to be a guest on his CTV talk show Views & Vibes a few weeks ago as they discussed the importance of arts education in the current educational environment that is constantly devaluing and de-funding arts.  Other guests panelists, Ms. Patricia Cruze (the Education Director for Young Audiences), and Ms.Continue reading “Bomani on “Views & Vibes””

The Angle Episode #1 (Busboys & Poets)

Busboys and Poets is a community gathering place. First established in 2005 Busboys and Poets was created by owner Anas “Andy” Shallal, an Iraqi-American artist, activist and restaurateur. After opening, the flagship location at 14th and V Streets, NW (Washington DC), the neighboring residents and the progressive community, embraced Busboys, especially activists opposed to theContinue reading “The Angle Episode #1 (Busboys & Poets)”

Art in the “Middle East”

Good monday morning to all of you!  I get facebook messages and tweets at 6:30pm everyday asking what events are going on in the Washington DC, and the beltway surrounding it.  (Sorry, but I can’t call it the DMV.  Nobody wants to go to the DMV, it’s boring and aggravating, no matter where you go. Continue reading “Art in the “Middle East””

“That Thing” is Slam Theatre 2.0

This guy right here, Mr. Jared Mason Murray, did an outstanding job last night as one of the four cast members starring in Slam Theatre 2.0 The Miseducation directed by Malcolm Pelles (with poems written by myself and the lovely Mrs. Goldie Dean). Check out his performance on the air with the good people ofContinue reading ““That Thing” is Slam Theatre 2.0″

Don’t boycott Chris Brown, #BUYCOTT Black Culture

As an educator, artist and father, I am glad to see so many responsible adults express genuine concern about the reunion of Chris Brown and Rihanna (even if only artistically) and the affect it is going to have on young people’s perception of a healthy relationship.  That said, I’m personally disappointed at how many peopleContinue reading “Don’t boycott Chris Brown, #BUYCOTT Black Culture”