I’mma properly record these soon, but If i don’t just spit them out I’ll sit on them forever…

the war on drugs ain’t just reagan and nixon
the blood in my eye causes rose colored vision
so i approach the game like george jackson in san quentin
remind myself that patience has it’s limits
i peep democratic game plan and it’s gimicks
let’s start will Bill Clinton
played sax on arsenio, we all watched and listened
and said he’s blacker than kool-aid and fried chicken
create a trade agreement that depress the state of living
create a system
that put more black men under justice supervision
than there were slaves,
they make money off of prison
Bill was handing out years like handing out minutes
generations know their fathers from upstate visits
then wonder why the black community is diminished
cops hunt us with no limits
and harassment is infinite
screaming “black lives matter”, their confused like it’s physics
send the DOJ to baltimore and ferguson to witness
when they’re done the cops go right back to business
we looking at the Obama like “man, what is this?”
while he steadily explains and defends this
we’re try to break this, he’s trying to bend this
now we elect a president whose family did this
not mention bad decisions and shady stuff she been did
she apologize, we’re forced into forgiveness
scared of trump so we readily dismissed it
choose between a neoliberal and a nitwit
are you an educated voter or you getwit
i watch her run like a getfit
her down home talk, tossing us a biscuit
you say a third party can’t win this
but if not right now, when do we begin this
insanities is a certified sickness
it’s when you do the same thing and expect something different

Son, they shook
’cause if you out here voting for crooks
Scared to death, scared to look
you shook
’cause if you out here voting for crooks

Scared to death, scared to look
you shook
give back the life that they stole from us son
There’s numerous ways they abuse us to earn funds,
We get shot, locked down even when they’ve won
and still vote for them after the shit they’ve done
That ain’t the look son, you just a shook one,

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