#stakesishighchallenge Good thing I put shea butter on my elbows. Spitting some grown man shit about how high the stakes are for me right now.Teige Jireh

you ever have a moment when realities of life spoke to you?
that happened when i got this track to put my vocals to
stakes getting higher each stage of life i’m going through
my thoughts on life were so new when i got married in 02
wasn’t ready for the growth and change that we go through
we both felt robbed and destroyed, our dreams brokeintwo
but now we have the children that we brought into
existence… so what are gonna do?
what do we do when the stakes are higher than me and you?
in the end to thine own self be true
all we really want to do is be great parents to our little crew
a standard we will pursue even when we move onto someone new
This lady came in my life when i was so confused
funny, you can meet for conversation, a smoke or two
learn what they believe, what they’re open to
feeling comes over you
now find yourself making plans for the both of you
why i moved this challenge from the laptop to the vocal booth
i figure i’d raised the stakes if i spoke to you
behbeh, a storm is passing and the sun has broken through
i want to soak in you
i plant a seed of life and of hope in you
plus my sons are never getting over you
whether bumping roads or coasting through
i know which hands are holdable and foldable
my chips are on you like I’m supposedtodo
every word of this verse is a hiphop quotable

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