#lookingboychallenge #endrapeculture

floss looking boy, boss looking boy, at the bar showing off looking boy
that’s just a decoy for the pills you deployed took her home and enjoyed
rick ross lookin boy
ioeno why you free looking boy
rob women of their bodies looking boy
then treat her like a toy, are you trying to fill a void
i’ll leave that to Freud, lost me little boy
went from Hey ms. Parker looking boy
to creeping Darren sharper looking boy
the pills would stop her, from acting proper
she ain’t a willing partner but that you avoid
You like them drunk and sloppy looking boy
all up in her like a hemroid
no joke Bill Cosby looking boy
should be an autopsy looking boy

so what’s a date raper looking boy
if she don’t want it i’ll take her looking boy
they’re taking all her joy you a faker looking boy
could play shooting guard for the Lakers looking boy
i can get away with murder looking boy
Brock Turner, Mark Chmura, Rothlesberger looking boy
give the press a story and your fans annoyed
before you even know it her life is destroyed
she came in my room late night looking boy
yeah she put up a fight looking boy
she must be horny, all my fame and my glory
end up locked down, Iron Mike looking boy
funny all the excuses we employ
when you learn our heroes ain’t the real mccoy
she wake up on your pillow in the morning
she don’t remember, Cee-lo looking boy

Woody Allen and Soon Yi looking boy
Weak looking boy, sneak looking boy
Nasty R. Kelly looking boy
With a toot toot and a beep beep looking boy
wait for her after her school looking boy
think that we are fools looking boy
i’ll bend and break the rules looking boy
just to steal her family jewels looking boy
but let’s go a little farther with the story
famous we don’t even bother with the story
they’re supposed to be a father to the boy
Sandusky and Bambataa looking boy
rapist aren’t skulker looking boys
hyenas and vulture looking boys
we got to be more vocal with it boys
so I ask you how’s rape culture looking boys?

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