#lookingboychallenge #endrapeculture floss looking boy, boss looking boy, at the bar showing off looking boy that’s just a decoy for the pills you deployed took her home and enjoyed rick ross lookin boy ioeno why you free looking boy rob women of their bodies looking boy then treat her like a toy, are you tryingContinue reading “#lookingboychallenge”

Chi-raq is 2015’s “Doing Too Much” not its “Do the Right Thing”.

Seven years ago around this time, we had just elected a black president. I remember the buzz in the air that lasted long after election night. Everyone was trying to figure out the new world we were in, and just happy to have lived to see it.  That year I ended up over my bestContinue reading “Chi-raq is 2015’s “Doing Too Much” not its “Do the Right Thing”.”

Forgive Them Father

I’ve been dealing a lot with misogyny this week.  Something I want to write more about because of how heavily it weakens the men and children who are surrounded by it.  I thought I’d start with posting this poem I wrote for SLAM THEATRE 2.0: The Miseducation, a play that ran for the Intersections FestivalContinue reading “Forgive Them Father”

The Recovering Serial Monogamist

“What are you doing Bomani? I’m a groupie!” She was West African chocolate. She was raw and un-cut. Sweet as watermelon with sugar on top, but would bite you back when you tasted her.  It’s why I fell in love with her.  I fell way too far, too quickly in love with her.  She sawContinue reading “The Recovering Serial Monogamist”