12-08-2022 The Morning Announcements

Welcome to the morning announcements with Bomani Armah on Thursday, December 1, 2022. I am Bomani Armah and we are 240 Days away from Watermelon Day at Sankofa. 

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Today’s Libation:

Joseph Briggs

December 8, 1965 – October 4, 2019

Joe Briggs (aka 1 Wise African) was a highly acclaimed Spoken Word artist where he excited and inspired audiences all over the DC metro and Philadelphia PA areas, was featured at the Kennedy Center, and even toured the Caribbean. A powerful speaker and stage-trained performer, Joe developed a following as a headliner at many Open Mic events for about a decade.

“Don’t let people pay you with exposure. People die from exposure” – 1 Wise African

I knew Joseph personally. ONe of the first poetry albums I ever producecd was an album he made dedicated to the time he spent incarcerated and the lessons he learned from it. I remember using my microphone in the bathtub and forks and knives, trying to get the right sound of shanks hittiing the concrete.He told me stories about old H street that I still retell to this day. This brother was passionate about using poetry to uplift his people, and making sure all his fellow poets we respected and compensated as well. We’d do gigs together and he would yell out louder than me that my books were for ssle. I want to do whatever i can to keep his name alive for another generation of DC poets. 

We never forget so never fear, 

for homies who ain’t here, we’re pouring out a beer

Because of you it will never be the same

We keep saying your name while we pour champagne

For the mothers and the father figures, 

your flame still flickers, we’re pouring out some liquor

We’re the sons and the daughters of heroes and martyrs

We honor you by pouring out some water

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