malcolm x day flyerSo, I’m here with my family and co-conspirators putting together this years Malcolm X Birthday Celebration, and we realized why this is such an important event for us.  There should be more opportunities in our community to reflect on our shared legacy of struggle against oppression, celebrate our abilities and potential as a people, and recharge our emotional batteries for the long struggle we still have ahead of us.  What better way to do that than a party celebrating the life of Malcolm X!  As much as our iconic imagery of the man is his fiery speech and opposition to American imperialism, his true goal was to create a strong community.  This community exists today, even if not in the size that we would like it.  We should celebrate that.  The thought of celebrating that has created a level of excitement from everyone involved that is palpable.

We really want to have a great time with with the entire community at Malcolm X’s Birthday Celebration at Sankofa Video & Books Cafe on May 19th. Would you mind helping us do that?  There are hundreds of ways you could help, but we’ve narrowed it down to five.

1. Come Out and Party

Come nod your head, listen close, scream “Amen”, hug somebody, shake a hand, shake ya booty, eat some          food, drink some drinks, smile at a bunch of people who respect what Malcolm X stood for, and meet someone new.

2. Volunteer at the Party

You can read a speech excerpt, help the setup team, grab some flyers to pass out at your school or job or neighborhood, or a hosts of other things.  Contact me ASAP and we’ll welcome you to the team in what ever way you’d like.

3. Tell Your Friends

Just pass this message to people you know would appreciate this event.  Even if you can’t make it yourself, pass it to that buddy who likes positive, family friendly entertainment and a good time.  Take a moment now.  It would just take hitting the “share” or “forward” button.  Your friend will thank you later.

4. Buy Tickets to the After Party

If you haven’t seen Head Roc, Radio Rahim, or me do my thang with Immaletchufinish up close and personally, you should just put down a twenty do that. If that’s not enough incentive, the proceeds from the after party are going to fund the free show that happens earlier in the day.  All are welcome to come to this event, but if you can help support the event by buying a ticket you are an extra big help to the cause!  http://malcolmxcelebration.eventbrite.com/#

5. Donate

For all of our friends and family who are out of town or working during that time, or maybe just want to put a dollar in the bucket, here is your chance to do so!  We cannot make events like this happen with out you.  Thanks http://malcolmxcelebration.eventbrite.com/#

As always, thank you for supporting the art that supports you.  I will see you soon!


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