Libation for Minnie Evans

Today’s Libation:

Minnie Evans

December 12, 1892 – December 16, 1987

African American artist who worked in the United States from the 1940s to the 1980s. Evans used different types of media in her work such as oils and graphite, but started with using wax and crayon. She was inspired to start drawing due to visions and dreams that she had all throughout her life, starting when she was a young girl. The paintings and drawings of Minnie Evans depict scenes from the artist’s private dream world. But even to the artist herself, this dream world was not entirely comprehensible. She is known as a southern folk artist and outsider artist as well as a surrealist and visionary artist.

“I have no imagination. I never plan a drawing, they just happen. In a dream it was shown to me what I have to do, of paintings. The whole entire horizon all the way across the whole earth was out together like this with pictures. All over my yard, up all the sides of trees and everywhere were pictures.” 

–  Minnie Evans

The idea that such a gifted artist would say “i have no imagination” is mind boggling. It seems like it’s more of a testament to how natural snd unfiltered her imagination was, rather than her not having one. That she could make no distinction between her imagination and what we call real life. That seems the only thing that would make sense to me, from such a prolific painter. It’s actually a place I wish to be. Just engulfed by art, letting my minid meld with the world around me. I’m thankful for this quote, it’s going to help me be creative today. Let’s pour libation for Minnie Evans. 

We never forget so never fear, 

for homies who ain’t here, we’re pouring out a beer

Because of you it will never be the same

We keep saying your name while we pour champagne

For the mothers and the father figures, 

your flame still flickers, we’re pouring out some liquor

We’re the sons and the daughters of heroes and martyrs

We honor you by pouring out some water

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