Watermelon Day 2018 Planning Meeting

Peace family. Happy 2018. Wanted to say hello to everyone and give a few updates on what is going on with notarappe.com. First things first. Watermelon day 2018 will be Saturday August 4th 12pm this year. Our first planning meeting will be January 27th at 2pm at Sankofa Video and Books. Some of you watching will be getting a text, call, email or FB messenger from me about this meeting. Even if you don’t and want to attend, come through. The goal is to make Watermelon Day even more family friendly and fun than last year, with even less effort. I’m positive we can make that happen.

For those who don’t know, Watermelon Day is a celebration of summer, summer’s favorite fruit and everything Red Black and Green. It is not our invention. It was started by the National Watermelon Association (the NWA) but we’ve put our own spin on it.

Watermelon Day has evolved in a few directions over the years. This year we are focusing on community gardens, art integrated teaching and, of course, black books. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting amazing teaching artists on our stage every year, this year we’re going to do two stages. One out front on the porch facing Georgia Ave as usual, then another in the newly renovated backyard deck. We are currently looking for volunteers to help bring it all together.

If you know anyone who works in a community garden or has a garden of their own and wants to plant watermelon for Watermelon Day (we will provide the seeds) please let me know. If you would like to be a part of the setup and breakdown team, let me know. If you want to vend let me know. If you want to donate money to the festival hit me up. The first watermelon day planning meeting will be January 27th at 2pm at Sankofa Video & Books 2714 Georgia Ave NW Washington DC 20011. Peace!

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