Cosby Defenders Sound Trumpian

Cosby defenders sound like Trump defenders. Just like in much of Trump’s legal problems, all the most damning evidence against Cosby (both about drugging women and his attitudes towards drugging women) is from his own mouth. Whether him joking about Spanish fly on his stand up album or his Larry King interview, or him having a scene about spiking his barbecue sauce so his children get all excited with their spouses on the Cosby show, or his SWORN DEPOSITION when he discusses how he uses quaaludes, he is a man who thinks it’s humorous to drug a person unknowingly before having sex with them and has confessed to doing so. To be clear: even if a person comes to your room with the intention of having sex with you, it is illegal to drug that person without their knowledge or consent. This situation has now become a rape. Bill Cosby is a rapist. Let’s defend black men against a legal setup against them, but let’s not even appear to be suggesting that Cosby should get away with his crimes as some kind of racial reparation. Let’s get reparations. Let’s get rapist out of our society. He would’ve been convicted in Wakanda.

3 thoughts on “Cosby Defenders Sound Trumpian

  1. Please say it louder!!
    Ps I found you after listening to you on WPFW today. Crazy how women are defending him but you stood your ground. Thank you!!

  2. Completely unrelated but wanted to thank you for your Read A Book composition. I revisited it today after many years. How many times have I said under my breath when the kids declare boredom, “Read a motherfucking book…” I finally had cause to show it to my 11 year-old, despite the language and imagery. He was shocked and appalled and is now on the couch reading, but equally as important I was reminded that several of life’s simplest commandments lie with those 3-minutes. He’s reading now. I think it’s obvious in today’s times in America that vulgarity can be the is the strongest answer to ignorance. Namaste~

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