The simplest statement,
spoken from the heart,
is more profound
than scripture

I fixed a four year olds favorite toy
With little more then the flick of a button
He looked me in my eyes
And smiled like he was opening a birthday present
postmarked from heaven

“wow daddy, u r superman batman!”.

This little vessel with limited life lived
And an inkling of a vocabulary
Wanted me to know I was greater then any super hero he could fathom

I walked a step or two away before it hit me, and I almost teared up. That is to this day the most profound compliment I’ve ever received. Not only was it a compliment, but an expectation

When it comes down to it, this is all there is
This is my only love, this is my only bizz
I don’t event think about it, and I never mind
When I’m gone, this is all I leave behind
Despite that i feel so inadequate
He thinks I’m a godlike I think I’m bad at it
He appreciate every word and every touch
Makes me remember that I love my dad that much

the most amazing man the world has ever found
Could reach the top of the fridge without a single bound
with laser beam vision that makes the world melt
handle any situation with his utility belt
An American hero, the man of steel
his minivan was cooler then the batmobile
could jump from anywhere straight into his open arms
I had a superhero, no need for lucky charms

remember when I first became a teen
Before I knew what being a grown man means
Went thru that phase to define myself
Stop looking in his eyes to find myself
Stop listening, stopped calling
But knew he’d be there to stop me from fallin
didn’t appreciate the time and effort spent
so he changed from superman, to Clark Kent

his biggest investment, his biggest drain
no longer needed batman, i needed bruce wayne
you took it with a smile, like “i’ll be that”
knowing when i need super powers i’d be back
because he made it look so easy
The big things to raise me, the little things to please me
he’s home, i don’t have to be brave
my fortress of solitude his garage is batcave
The things he’d do without asking twice
Before I understood the meaning of sacrifice

raised three kids, we knew he where proud of us
played the background, perferred to be anonymous
as i sit here in awe of all his abilities
super human strength, cat like agility
X-ray vision reveals lifes mysteries
like superman and batman his strength is his humility

2 thoughts on “SupermanBatman

  1. Love it!.. I have a 4 yr old who adores me and his daddy. We play such an important role in our kids’ lives. Thank you for this wonderful lyric on parents’ ability to be our kids’ biggest champion with the greatest of humility.

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