Betrayed by Judgement

The jury of Knowledge, Intellect, Reason and Logic

convene for as long as God blinks

and return with a verdict that is true

A truth painfully contraire to the version batted around

while lounging on our backs

with smiles flowing figure eight

enticed by flickering shadows of bare feet

dueling in the glow

of late night talk show banter

The esteemed jury of Knowledge, Intellect, Reason and Logic

is over ruled by the ultimate judge,

the heart

The Heart

in a miracle baffling those with senses

tilts the scale towards uncharted depths

into corners still unsheathed by the probing light of

Knowledge, Intellect, Reason and Logic

The Heart

gets heavier when it bleeds

as if God put his finger on the scale,

a cruel act of torture

that he inflicts under the guise of a clever plot twist

Before The Heart swings his gavel,

he asks for the valued opinion of Faith

who is nothing more than

The Hearts stenographer

he doesn’t discover the truth,

Faith just repeats the stanza

that pluck at heart’s strings

in a sweet refrain,

from empirical of evidence

at this moment

when reality hangs in the balance

when one prays for clairvoyance,

when 20/20 would do

Faith has overstepped his bounds

Faith has become The Hearts yes man

You see, Faith’s exploits consists of tales The Heart tells him

and The Hearts tales are of a magical place called Forever

And Faith’s dreams are held hostage by

This luminous palace called Forever

Forever will be Faiths reward

Faith’s dogged pursuit of Forever distinguishes him from Belief

Faith’s has subjugated himself even more than Trust

To be elevated to Forever’s monk

Faith sees this as a truth worth suffering for

a universe Faith can create

Disarm Faith of every weapon

But teeth and nails

Starve Faith of any glimmer of hope

or watering it with love

And it will still find a way to

scratch away Knowledge,

gnaw at Intellect,

erode Reason

and pull at Logic

no worries

Forever will eventually mend that wound

Forever will undoubtedly take the pain

while for the moment, mere dreams of Forever sedate the pain

Forever will eventually not look like today

Though today looked like yesterday, which looked like its yesterday

And resembles the future at the end of your nose

That you can not touch

when intoxicated

by the siren sound of

skillfully selected truth

whispered by Faith

Physical ties

Keep the flesh warm when tenderness doesn’t

Emotional bonds

Shelter the soul when the walls walk away

Nothing disintegrates in for Forever

Instead stays perfectly placed and pristine

But what once were swaddling clothes for the birth of eternity

Can easily become the shroud of a dying dream

Depending on the judgment, rendered by a bleeding Heart

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