Meet Bomani Armah

As he so aptly puts it “I’m not a rapper, I’m a poet with a hip-hop style”. Bomani’s internet smash hit “Read a Book is the subject of a short animated film that debuted on BET in June 2007 to much critical acclaim and controversial backlash. He is featured on the first single/video from Mello-D & The Rados: Cool Witchu, which aired on BET’s “Rap City” and peaked at #3 on national college radio charts. Bomani’s music video for “The Hustle” aired at the San Francisco Black Film Festival in 2006 to rave reviews.  Bomani’s 2008 release Radio Friendly blends his fluid and funky production style with his insight-fully poetic yet accessible lyrics.   As a editorial writer he has been published in the Washington Post and Bomani produces and engineers for other artists and has scored numerous movies and television shows.  Mr. Armah has worked as a consultant teaching creative writing, music and video production for American University, The Washington National Cathedral, The University of the District of Columbia, The National Youth Leadership Council, The National Organization of Concerned Black Men, The American Poetry Museum, Martha’s Table, and Words Beats & Life Inc.  In 2012 Bomani is releasing his first book and accompanying album entitled “Circumlocution Vol II”.  He will also continue being the drummer and front man for his #funk#rock#gogo#hiphop band Immaletchufinish.

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