The H.O.P.E. Scholarship

In about 10 years you’re going to feel the urge to use phrases like “back in my day,” and “kids these days.” One day you’re going to fix your lips to say “We had real music back in my day, like ‘A$$’, I don’t know what the hell you kids are listening to today”. You will refer to the era of your teens and twenties as the “Golden Age”.

This is my appeal to the 20 somethings to stop the ageism auto-pilot before it sets in.

You are going to have a feverish desire to create a rose colored universe in your mind. In this imaginary place, you’re going to have delusions of being very respectful to your elders. You’re going to recall you and your peers being much less sexually active than you really were. In this bizarre world there was no violence in the streets. The only songs…

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