Notanupdate 7/6/17 #watermelonday2017

Whats up! it’s Thursday July 6th/
And like any day you’re blessed to see, it’s a gift/
If I seem a bit excited, and just a bit crazed/
It’s cuz in 30 nights it will be Watermelon Day/
If you didn’t know about it I’ll explain it this way/
It was founded years ago by NWA/
Not Easy E, Dr. Dre and O’Shea
the national watermelon association of the USA/
It is celebrated on August 3rd/
But that’s a Wednesday this year and a party then is absurd/
So we make it first Saturday in August/
We do it every year, rain or shine, break or bust/
Any day with watermelon is a good look/
But we do it at Sankofa video Books/
…Cafe, so come out that day/
An see the black pride all on display/

since the watermelon is red black and green/
We make the most RBG show you’ve ever seen/
With music and activities for babies to the tweens/
hiphop for the old heads and everyone in between/
We start the day off hosted by Droopy/
the brokeballer, host with the most in DC/
Then a blessing and story telling from Baba C/
As he’s joined from drummers from a youth company/
hear reggae from Dejazmatch Kwasi/
talking repatriation and Haile selassi/
when Princess Best Speaks we all feel free/
Formerly known as Princess of Controversy/
and Black Root Underground is on the marquee/
with the Kuumba Kids guarantee you’ll move your feet/
also get the watermelon man performance from me/
Leftist is the headliner that you need to see/

So I’ve broke down the music and the art/
But if I’m in it from the start education plays a part/
So we incorporate that all the way into the day/
Having fun opportunities for kids to learn and play/
We’re reading children’s books so we went and got buddies/
at HU’s center for African studies/
They gathered books on ghana, and even made a list/
Will read some of them that Saturday, you don’t want to miss/
and then check this out right in the same spot/
Then HABESHA Inc, will lead a workshop/
Turning trash into treasure biodegradable pots/
Learn to be industrious, using what we’ve got/
After we do that it will be right in time/
To take the lessons we’ve learned and turn them into a rhyme/
A chance for all my young rappers to be superstars/
As they make a songs with Baba got bars!/Copy of Copy of running insta.jpg

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