New Single “EDP (Engineering Design Process)”

ASK the right questions, IMAGINE how to solve them,/

PLAN out each and every move/

CREATE a solution to the problem/

See what works and then IMPROVE/
The first step of EDP is to ASK

What are the key elements in this task?

What is the problem, what have other people tried

What devices are similar, what lessons can that provide

What are things you can do and the things you can’t

Also known as limitations or as the restraints

ASK is the first EDP step

It’s mental exercise so you got to get our reps
Second step of EDP is IMAGINE

Brainstorm what kind of gadget you want to happen

You’ve asked the right questions, now think up solutions

It’s good to take notes to watch your ideas evolution

The job of imagination is never really done

But when you have a list

of ideas you can pick

take your time so you pick the best one

IMAGINE is the 2nd EDP step

It’s mental exercise so you got to get your reps
3rd step of EDP is to PLAN

Best way to do it is a diagram

It’s the “design” of the engineering process

Fail to plan or plan to fail,

pay attention to details,

it will help your progress

Make a list of all the materials that you will need

The better you plan the more likely it is you’ll succeed

PLAN is the 3rd EDP step

It’s mental exercise so you got to get your reps
4th step of EDP is CREATE

You want to get it right so you concentrate

Follow the plan in step 3 precisely

If you planned out right maybe it just might come together nicely

To make sure that it works without a doubt

You have to a test run that means try it out

CREATE is the 4th EDP step

It’s mental exercise you got to get your reps
5th step of EDP is IMPROVE

Now that you finished your creation what’s your next move

You’ve pressed all the buttons, pulled all the levers

What works and What doesn’t?

What’s smooth and What’s buggin’?

What’s perfect and what could work better?

No matter the outcome, you’ve learned so that means that you win

Now take what you learned and do E – D – P over again

IMPROVE is the 5th EDP step

It’s mental exercise; you’ve got to get your reps

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