Beverly Hills Farms Elementary “Revolutionary War Rap”

I had a wonderful week working with the teachers and staff at Beverly Hills Farms Elementary.  Shout out to Mrs. Balzar, Mrs. Cashmere, Mrs. Foley and Mrs. Bardwell and the incredible 5th graders.

This track was created as part of a week long residency through Young Audiences of Maryland sponsored by the Beverly Farms Elementary PTA. Each class took a different story from the American Revolution, and over the course of 5 days turned it into a song. You can download the song for free, or pay what you’d like to help support Baba Bomani and his work teaching creative writing in the public schools!


On March 5, 1770 a crucial event occurred
On that dark Monday night was the Boston Massacre
100 colonists abused, taunted and provoked
Lobsters, scoundrels, bloody backs they called the Red Coats
The infuriated colonists threw ice covered rocks
In less than 20 minutes lives were taken by the shots
The battle was intense and the riot was hardcore
The Massacre led to the Revolutionary War

On Dec 16, 1773
The Sons of Liberty threw the Boston Tea Party
Samuel Adams lead them in Native American disguise
The British were the ones that the colonist despised
Taxation without representation was constantly abused
They asked Parliament to stop but sadly they refused
After the Tea Party came the Intolerable Acts
All of this happened because of the tax

Midnight, April 18, 1775
This is when it started, Paul Revere’s ride
He used petticoats to muffle the oars
To row past the Somerset, the British man of war
He looked in the North Church tower for the lanterns
1 by land, 2 by sea, Dawes would give the answer
By sea they came, looking for weapons to destroy
If you need a warning Paul Revere’s your boy

The Father of our country is George Washington
The Revolutionary War is a war which he won
He was a patriot, statesmen and war hero
The British army had more size, he had no fear though
The Valley Forge camp was an icy disaster
But he led the Continental Army, was a great spy master
King George showed power by using gun powder
Washington showed power by surrendering power

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