why i’m not a christian…or an atheist

people keep asking me to write why i’m an atheist. that’s kind of hard. i don’t consider myself an atheist. i don’t argue with religious people that there is no god. i’m arguing to take the definition of god back. the god of the bible is intellectually indefensible, but somehow religious institutions have convinced us that being able to ignore your god given intellect is a sign of strength. that’s the most amazing magic trick i can think of. there is a power behind the universe that i will never understand, but i admire, respect and attempt to know more about. i understand that this power does not have a story that can be told in feeble human language through a book with an ending. our ability to reason is the greatest evidence of this power, and i’d rather call that power “god” than the xenophobic- homophobic-sexist-racist-genocidal-homicidal-infanticidal deity with the emotional maturity of a 7 year-old we are force fed in the bible. i speak on it all the time, because i know i’m not the only one who understands this, but some of my fellow free thinkers need to see someone step out there.

7 thoughts on “why i’m not a christian…or an atheist

  1. While I understand your desire to distance yourself intellectually from religious teachings, and seek truth in your own way, I must point out that the god you describe is the same god that is in the koran and the torrah, not just christianities bible.

  2. Maaan, i swear to god (no puun intended) those are my religious views verbatim. I guess it most closely resembles a diest theology, the same theology held by the forefathers of the U.S.A. though I’m not sure that is a good thing haha

  3. The exciting part of the life journey is feeling like you’ve connected with that higher power, however it is you define it. God is my invisible friend, “Harry” for whom I turn over all responsibility for all people, places and things that are not me. I’m responsible for me, for better or for worse. I try my best to do my part, and turning the rest over to Harry has really lightened my load and really allowed me to start enjoying my life.

  4. I hope all is well bro. I was reading your article about recording studio tips and I decided to look through the blog a little bit. I myself am a devout Christian. I love Jesus Christ, who is God, with all my heart and trust Him with my life because He has shown me both the fact that He is real and the fact that He loves me with everything He is. I am not seeking to argue but to join the dialogue. I would disagree that the God of the Bible is intellectually indefensible. I would actually say that He is beyond our desire or expectations and by far. The fact that He is so good baffles us. I also would disagree that we are to fully abandon our intellect in order to appreciate Him. In fact, He uses our intellect for His glory both in living for Him and knowing Him. These great things about the universe that you appreciate and know that you can never understand are a testament to His love and His power for us. And feeble human understanding cannot comprehend it but the Lord that created these things by His strength can communicate His greatness through these things. If someone has portrayed God as a “xenophobic- homophobic-sexist-racist-genocidal-homicidal-infanticidal deity” to you, then they have misunderstood who God is. The God of the Bible is real. Jesus himself is that God. His love is greater than we could possibly dare to fathom as is His mercy. That mercy is available for al mankind so long as we accept Him. There are a lot of people that bring their misunderstandings about God to the table and make God look how you described but He is far beyond the polar opposite. He loves all people not matter they have done wrong whether homosexual, porn addicted, porn starring, murdering, raping, anything. But He only desires us to repent and turn from those things. Truth be told, none of us desire to know Him or the eternal life He promises us, even Christians. We have all sinned against Him and deserve hell. Every time we break one of the 10 Commandments we deserve hell, but God is rich in His mercy He forgives us of our sins when we accept Jesus as Lord. Jesus took the penalty for all sins on the cross. They killed Him but on the third day He was resurrected. In this death and resurrection our sins were paid for. He did this because He longed for us to know Him and His love. He did this for any and everyone no matter what they did in their life.

    1. Thanks for writing. The “somoneone” who has portrayed Gos as “xenophobic-homophobic” etc etc is actually a group of people. The writers of the bible themselves. I’ve read the book, without the filter of having to believe that everything that has happened in it’s pages have to be the true nature, will and understanding of god. I understand christian fascination with Jesus. He seems to have been a great guy. His father, however, is/was a horrible, horrible person. So much so that even if he is real, he doesn’t deserve my apologize or my praise. The basic concept of the religion are offensive, it’s hard finding where to start. How about the idea that this omni-everything god decided to only reveal himself to a small nomadic tribe in the desert, and based his selection process on whether or not someone would have the audacity to kill there only child? What kind of caring, or loving, god does any of these things? The god of the bible does not match the god that I see operating daily, in all types of ways. The god of the bible is reads like a king and despot, transferring his own diabolical ideals onto god. Once I was able to understand that, the bible made a lot more sense.

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