Much to Like about “Likeonomics”

I would expect that a book with a cover quote from Deepak Chopra would lead me through 150 + pages of great Zen like business advice, and Likeonomics does not disappoint.  Rohit Bhargava, marketing expert and Adjunct Professor Marketing at Georgetown University, has written a great book on something that you would think is muchContinue reading “Much to Like about “Likeonomics””

Rethink What You Know About Fear & Courage

The suicide of an adult son. The cancer death of a toddler. The adult revelation that you’re adopted, followed by the quest to find your family.  Multiple tours as an officer in Vietnam.  All of these individually would have been the main story line of most people’s book about fear and courage, but in GordonContinue reading “Rethink What You Know About Fear & Courage”