Mix’n’Master Radio with Koro Fyah and Babaluku

In this episode Kwasi brings back Dutty Bookman to discuss the movement he has helped dub as the Reggae Revival after a panel at SXSW 2027. He also speaks to Koro Fyah of the Bevel Rock camp about his ABC’s at SXSW as well. Bomani interviews the founder of the Uganda’s Bavubuka Foundation, Babaluku, andContinue reading “Mix’n’Master Radio with Koro Fyah and Babaluku”

Baba Bomani show with Arianna Ross

Check out this great interview with story seller and director of Story Tapestries Arianna Ross. For two decades Arianna has brought the art of story telling to children throughout the country, and has become even more influential in arts education through her wonderful organizations that employs several artist to bring their artforms into the classrooms.Continue reading “Baba Bomani show with Arianna Ross”

B.A.R.S. (Bomani Armah wRiting System)

Hello fellow educators!  For well over 15 years I have been using hip-hop, poetry and multi-media disciplines to teach fun and informative workshops with all ages from kindergarteners to graduate students. As you know, the art of MC’ing is reliant on the ability to rearrange complex ideas into concise rhymes. If they done correctly, MC’sContinue reading “B.A.R.S. (Bomani Armah wRiting System)”