Baba Bomani Show ep 3 sea 1 with Drew Anderson

Hearing the excitement in our voices as I edit this interview let’s me know that Drew Anderson and I are definitely on the right path. Listen as we discuss the life of being a young teacher and artist and how it has evolved into Drew’s “Crunk Academy”. A must listen for teachers going through the grind and great insight on how Drew and other Young Audiences teachers use hip-hop in the classrooms.

2 thoughts on “Baba Bomani Show ep 3 sea 1 with Drew Anderson

  1. I really appreciate what you got going on here.The discussion about ART in Education was great.I have been trying to play teacher ince 1999 in the bay area. I ran into crendentialing road blocks. I could totally to bring my art at the time which was teaching colorguard to the classroom. So as I tried to continue play teacher without a credential .I would get some small windows to play teacher. Keep up the good work.Lets lift each other up.Im out in the bay area.

    1. Thanks Tyree! I did some work with organizations at a conference I went to at San Francisco state 8 years ago with Words Beats & Life. I know the art education community there is deep!

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