“SAY IT LOUD!” at Sankofa Video & Books Cafe

Posted on September 11, 2015


My favorite place is Sankofa Video and Books Café. We are having a special event on Friday October 2nd from 8pm to 11pm called “Say It Loud!”. Here’s what you do: Go buy the special 2 for $15 tickets at http://sankofasayitloud.eventbrite.com (special price until September 21st). Come early, check out the drinks and the food (the salmon melt there is my favorite, and I drink brown liquor if you’re buying) then wipe your hands and check out the videos and books from throughout the African Diaspora, as well as the largest collection of Black Children’s Books on the East Coast. Then, we will have a community songwriting workshop based on the conversation we have on our facebook event page here https://www.facebook.com/events/932350146830240/ and write a song about it as a group! This is followed immediately by poetry by yours truly, and then my a live performance from my afro-funk-rock-gogo-hiphop band Immaletchufinish! Tell a friend, mark the date on your calendar, and buy your tickets today!

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