(original appearing as part of the play “ST 1.O” produced by New Galaxy Productions)


We hibernate





Today a storm has

once again

saved the day

I spend that grace

with a fresh angelic face


In a cozy den

tucked away

stocked cabinets

turn to picnic baskets:

cookies and cashews

Croissants with fresh preserves

Godiva-dipped macaroons

and your infectious giggle

Doors bolted by snow

windows boarded up with ice

I shutter to think of the frigidness

between the Frigidaire

and the body heated


warm noses on bare skin

freshly revealed

from lambs woo


the smell


your fire place

my stick of incense


make love fully canvassed

in cashmere comforters

speckled light sprinkles us

like stars in the sky’s of Cancun


we lay out as if sun baked

lightly seasoned in sea salt

marinated in rioja

sautéed in suspense

of new found infatuation

then spritzed with freshly squeezed



Furloughed by nature’s reprieve

sensual solitude

our winter solstice

blossoms into

summer vacation type

spats of Olympic sex

lighting up the day

as if the 4th of July


Eventually emotions blossom,

and Spring

change, then Fall

when feelings change colors

and leave


Yes, seasons will pull back the covers

until then, I’ll enjoy our Snow Day

tanned by your smile

vowing nothing, but all of my now

3 thoughts on “SNOW DAY

  1. Hi Bomani,

    I hope this finds you well.

    Cool poem, provides a little warmth in this freezing weather.

    Would like to find a way to connect with you to chat.

    Is there some time we could grab coffee or chat on the phone to follow up?


    Best Regards,


    David A. Gerber, President

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