Fill in the Blank God (a poem)

practice-Gods-presence-1024x768I serve a fill in the blank god

better yet, that god serves me

an atheist?

I use my scientific mind

Breaking down physical phenomenon

into binary numbers

mathematically navigating

the imaginary space

between us

but I am hard headed

and a poet

I know a spirit when I hear one

delivering specifically vague messages

speaking in nudges

cloaked in coincidence

I watch

solids freeze into blessing,

liquids melt into miracles

and gas evaporate into spirits

all at the tip of my pen

I serve a fill in the blank god

Better yet, that god serves me

an infidel?

Made of the same atoms

That stood before a burning bush as Moses

same nucleons

Struck with blinding awe on a Damascus road as Paul

the same photons that emerge from a cave

As Muhammad with a chorea-poem

All of us? matter

My god does not play death game

Neither craps with loaded di

or 3 dimensional chess against himself

only to reset the board and do it again

ask the dinosaurs

a fill in the blank god

a god serves me

a skeptic?


I challenge facts

I but I’ll never take away your miracles

Miracles appears all over the holy book

that is your bio

Miracles have no synonym

and are birthed from the same womb as curses

the womb of a god

that does not love

or hate

or does both with equal measure

when a child is born, ten toes and chubby smiling cheeks…

that’s god

when that child is raped by his father…

that’s god

to say it is not is blasphemous

taking “omni” prefix out of god’s job description

To be aware and incapable makes you inept

To be aware, capable and unwilling makes you… an asshole

I don’t debate if god is either or both

just know my god is everything

It doesn’t matter if god cares

I do

a fill in the blank god

a that god serves me

an agnostic?

my god appears as speckles

of absolute nothing sifted between white noise

that crackle

of genetic Morse code

the hiss in each s

the tap in each t

the pop in each p

there is no discussion without god

there is no word that is not about god

god is a vowel

god is a

god is e

god is i

god is o

god is u

god is always y

the variable in any equation

words with friends are more than a game

they are scripture

I serve a fill in the blank god

Or better yet, that god serves me

I can call myself god

because whatever I put in the blank is true

Because god is ______

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