Check out my short review of Nick Sarillo’s book “A Slice of the Pie” as well as Dr. Jones’ interview with Nick on The Even Place. This is a great book for people who own or manage a small business!

The Even Place

One of my most rewarding and important experiences as a young adult was working at an African American bookstore chain, run like a close-knit family.  The first day on the job the owner, knowing most retail employees are usually just passing through, gave me a copy of The Mis-education of the Negro by Carter Woodson, and let me see a copy of the lease so I would know what to look for when one day I opened my own business.  The business was built around a culture of black education and financial empowerment, and used every opportunity to reiterate to all the employees and the community.  The owners of this store have figured out in the 90’s what Nick Sarillo calls in his new book “High performance culture”, and I had been fortunate to see it in action.

Nick Sarillo and his family restaurant ‘Nick’s Pizza and Pub” has similarly…

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