“Peek-A-Boo” World Premiere!!

Thanks to everyone who supports grown up hip-hop, and my sons Olu & Dela for inspiring this song, and Eshe from bringing me Olu & Dela.

Please understand, my marketing and promotion team consists of me, myself, I and you!  If you like this video, please pass it along.  Forward it to great parents, soon to be parents, people who need to be better parents.  Make sure to download the mp3 from iTunes, Amazon or a dozen other download sites it’s available on.  I really appreciate you continually supporting my music.



“Music is the Language of Spirits”

Buy Peek-a-Boo on Amazon.com
Buy Peek-a-Boo on Amazon.com
Buy Peek-a-Boo on iTunes
Buy Peek-a-Boo on iTunes

3 thoughts on ““Peek-A-Boo” World Premiere!!

  1. Bomani,

    Thank you for this great track and the video showing so much beauty and happiness. I am a new dad with a 1-1/2 year old girl, and seeing and hearing your work has made my day. Sometimes it’s not easy to get by, as we do, with the patience and love that we need – but I’m going to buy this track and recommend other parents do the same, because each time my little one does something to test me, I know I can hear this tune and remember what makes her blessing so special.

    I should say, I originally got here from watching “Read A Book”…. it’s very inspiring to see a real man write uplifting music with wit and apolmb.

    Thanks again Bomani and keep fighting for ‘grown-up hip hop’, because the message needs that medium and vice versa.

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