Bomani Visits 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades by Emily Hill

I had the pleasure of getting across the Bay bridge and working with students in Dorchester County this past Spring.  Ms. Emily Hill did me the honor of publishing a story about it in the local newsletter.  I can’t wait to go back next year!

Dorchester County Public Schools

Every Child A Success!

Henry V. Wagner Jr., Ed.D., Superintendent DATE: May 20, 2015 SDS Young Artist Residency Program: BOMANI Visits 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades

By Emily Hill

Sandy HIll 2Last week, an artist named Bomani visited our class. He came to teach us about how rhyming can help us remember things. We also learned that there are few ways to rhyme! There is a real rhyme, when the last two letters of the words are the same; cat and hat. There is also a near rhyme, when the words or phrases sound very similar but are not the same. For example, we rhymed “patriot” with “hate we get”. Lastly, there is the rhyme when you put the emphasis on the wrong syllable.

We all got to write a few short rhymes so we could completely understand what the different rhymes are and how to use them. Sandy Hill 4As a class, we helped Bomani create a rhyme about himself, and then we each got to create a rhyme about ourselves. Everyone got a chance to share their personal rhyme with the class. Every time someone got up to read, we had to cheer like it was our favorite singer and Bomani made a huge deal about the person reading. We felt really cool and important. It made reading something in front of our friends so much easier!

Our final rhyme was about our social studies unit on the Revolutionary War. We all started by writing a paragraph about what our class had learned. We then organized the rhyme and created a beat Sandy HIll 3for it. After editing and rehearsing it, we performed it for the 4th grade and they performed theirs for us!

After we finished our performance and watched the 4th grades performance, Bomani asked us to describe the week in one word. The words the 4th and 5th graders used were unique and energetic. These words perfectly fit the week. All of the activities were fun and helpful. In addition, the rhyme we made will help us remember facts for the test on the Revolutionary War.


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