The week of June 18, 2012

Your weekly breakdown of the live entertainment spots in DC this week. I usually stay comfortable within the confines of the city on this weekly blog, but I gotta make sure that all my art a& culture lovers know about Artomatic!  Make sure you check out and go check out the 11 floors ofContinue reading “The week of June 18, 2012”

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This book by Patricia Barnes-Svarney is full of great information that neither my mother or grand-mother told me about being a woman.  Mostly because I’m a guy, but that’s besides the point.  I’m glad Dr. Jones selected this book, even though I was confused about why we would be…

The week of June 11, 2012

Your weekly breakdown of the live entertainment spots in DC this week. We are still perfecting this weekly blog about the best places to be for live entertainment, especially music and poetry.  Feel free to forward this to your friends asking for where to be, and hit me with feedback and places that I haven’tContinue reading “The week of June 11, 2012”

why i’m not a christian…or an atheist

people keep asking me to write why i’m an atheist. that’s kind of hard. i don’t consider myself an atheist. i don’t argue with religious people that there is no god. i’m arguing to take the definition of god back. the god of the bible is intellectually indefensible, but somehow religious institutions have convinced usContinue reading “why i’m not a christian…or an atheist”

The Angle Episode #3 (E. Ethelbert Miller)

E. Ethelbert Miller is a literary activist. He is the board chairperson of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). He is a board member of The Writer’s Center and editor of Poet Lore magazine. Since 1974, he has been the director of the African American Resource Center at Howard University. Mr. Miller is the formerContinue reading “The Angle Episode #3 (E. Ethelbert Miller)”

Election 2012, Jesus v Darwin

Let’s get ready to rumble!  In this corner we have the “Grand Ol’ Party”, the people who brought you Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.  The party responsible for preserving the Union and shifting all the money and power to the top of it.  Representing them is the richest man to ever run for president andContinue reading “Election 2012, Jesus v Darwin”

The week of April 30, 2012

Your weekly breakdown of the live entertainment spots in DC this week. There are a couple of must sees this week.  You gotta make your way to Twelve Restaurant and Lounge, you gotta go see Bambu Station and Sahel at Liv, and you absolutely must come see Immaletchufinish at Sankofa Video & Books Cafe!  SeeContinue reading “The week of April 30, 2012”

The week of April 23, 2012

Your weekly breakdown of the live entertainment spots in DC this week. The Upper Room at Club 12 This is the last night the Upper Room will be hosted downstairs in the lounge at Twelve Restaurant & Lounge. I will be the final feature before we literally take it to The Upper Room.  Join meContinue reading “The week of April 23, 2012”

The week of April 16, 2012

Your weekly breakdown of the live entertainment spots in DC this week. The Upper Room at Club 12 Welcome to the Upper Room Tuesdays at Club XII. This is where you go to experience the upper echelon of food, drink and entertainment in Washington DC. Located in the historic H Street corridor, The Upper isContinue reading “The week of April 16, 2012”

In order to completely cut yourself off from slave or inhumane labor in this world, you might have to move to a farm. I’m not completely opposed to that. Thanks Tatiana for putting me onto this documentary.

Where to be in the (sigh) DMV

Get ready for another exciting week of live entertainment in Washington DC.  Here’s what we’ve got planned for you!  Sorry I missed last week, but we are gonna keep this going.  Still no clever name for this post yet, because I damn sure ain’t gonna keep saying “DMV”.  Mattafact, all the gigs on here areContinue reading “Where to be in the (sigh) DMV”

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Not if you believe Matthew 27:51-53. Have you ever noticed what it says? Immediately after Jesus’s death, Matthew has this very, very strange Night of the Living Dead story that he includes in his gospel. Matthew says that there was, immediately following Jesus’s death, an earthquake, and this earthquake was accompanied…

The Angle Episode #2 (Christylez Bacon)

Christylez Bacon (pronounced: chris-styles) is a GRAMMY Nominated Progressive Hip-Hop artist and multi-instrumentalist from Southeast, Washington, DC. As a performer, Christylez multi-tasks between various instruments such as the West African djembe drum, acoustic guitar, and the human beat-box (oral percussion), all while continuing the oral tradition of storytelling through his lyrics. With a mission towards culturalContinue reading “The Angle Episode #2 (Christylez Bacon)”

Trayvon Martin Rallies are NOT Selective Outrage.

I’m tired of this popular stream of argument spreading amongst detractors of the Trayvon Martin rallies.  “…Why is there so much selective outrage on the part of so many?” asked William Bennet in his latest CNN coverage.  He’s part of a growing group of people who have the reasons for our outrage confused.  The protestsContinue reading “Trayvon Martin Rallies are NOT Selective Outrage.”

my weekly event blog that i still havent come up with a clever name for

Once again, this is a test of the “get the hell out of the house on a weekday” emergency system.  There is never a reason to be bored in Washington DC, so here are the places to catch live entertainment.  Each venue and event is unique and entertaining in it’s own way, and each approvedContinue reading “my weekly event blog that i still havent come up with a clever name for”

Teachable Moment: What to tell my kids about Trayvon Martin

“Mommy, I’m not black. I’m white like Maya”, is what my  5 year old son said standing at the base of the Martin Luther King Jr. monument.  His mother had just given him the cliff notes explanation of the civil rights movement.  “Why is that?” his mom asked.  “Because if they are going to beatContinue reading “Teachable Moment: What to tell my kids about Trayvon Martin”

Bomani on “Views & Vibes”

Tariiq Omari Walton invited me to be a guest on his CTV talk show Views & Vibes a few weeks ago as they discussed the importance of arts education in the current educational environment that is constantly devaluing and de-funding arts.  Other guests panelists, Ms. Patricia Cruze (the Education Director for Young Audiences), and Ms.Continue reading “Bomani on “Views & Vibes””

What’s happening this week…

Time for my weekly updates on the best places live entertainment.  I have two features this week! Tonight, .  March 19, 8:30pm – 11:00pm at Bloombars (3222 11th St NW Washington DC map) The Garden Open Mic features poetry, music, comedy, storytelling and other talents that can be shared in 5 minutes or less inContinue reading “What’s happening this week…”