Baba Bomani Show sea 1 ep 7 with Mazi Mutafa

I apologize in advance for the poor sound quality. This was a great interview with Mazi, head of one of the foremost art and education non-profits in Washington D.C., Words Beats & Life. Listen as we discuss the genesis of his organization, and his educational experience as the “detention kid” in middle school, to hisContinue reading “Baba Bomani Show sea 1 ep 7 with Mazi Mutafa”

Baba Bomani show episode 6 with Christylez Bacon

Check out this interview with Grammy Nominated artist and educator Christylez Bacon. We explore his growth as an artist coming from Southeast DC and graduating from Duke Ellington High school for the performing arts, his experience with the Crushed I.C.E. Teen Program, and we reminisce on our days teaching art integrated workshops with the NationalContinue reading “Baba Bomani show episode 6 with Christylez Bacon”

Baba Bomani Show ep 5 sea 1 Interview with hip-hop educator Tim Jones

Had a wonderful time catching up to my old friend and colleague Tim Jones. Tim is the director of the teen program at Martha’s Table, one of DC’s most rekknowned non profit organizations and the place I began my career as a youth facilitator. Join us as we talk about how “urban-education” has evolved fromContinue reading “Baba Bomani Show ep 5 sea 1 Interview with hip-hop educator Tim Jones”

Beverly Hills Farms Elementary “Revolutionary War Rap”

I had a wonderful week working with the teachers and staff at Beverly Hills Farms Elementary.  Shout out to Mrs. Balzar, Mrs. Cashmere, Mrs. Foley and Mrs. Bardwell and the incredible 5th graders. This track was created as part of a week long residency through Young Audiences of Maryland sponsored by the Beverly Farms ElementaryContinue reading “Beverly Hills Farms Elementary “Revolutionary War Rap””

Baba Bomani Show ep 4 sea 1 “Interview with artist and educator Goldie Patrick”

Join me in this riveting interview with poet, playwright, performer and educator Goldie Patrick. We discuss a wide range of topics including challenging patriarchy and misogyny in hiphop, working with young women through writing and the job of an educator to make education fun and digestible. We take a in depth look she does withContinue reading “Baba Bomani Show ep 4 sea 1 “Interview with artist and educator Goldie Patrick””

Baba Bomani Show ep 3 sea 1 with Drew Anderson

Hip HopEducation Hearing the excitement in our voices as I edit this interview let’s me know that Drew Anderson and I are definitely on the right path. Listen as we discuss the life of being a young teacher and artist and how it has evolved into Drew’s “Crunk Academy”. A must listen for teachers goingContinue reading “Baba Bomani Show ep 3 sea 1 with Drew Anderson”

Debut of “The Baba Bomani Show” podcast

W’zup Family! Take a listen to my latest project, “The Baba Bomani Show” podcast!  This podcast is dedicated to everything education and youth development.  Featuring interviews, discussions and tips on art integration, STEM and STEAM, experiential learning, education policy, educational music and much more!  This show is for parents, teachers and everyone else interested inContinue reading “Debut of “The Baba Bomani Show” podcast”

B.A.R.S. (Bomani Armah wRiting System)

Hello fellow educators!  For well over 15 years I have been using hip-hop, poetry and multi-media disciplines to teach fun and informative workshops with all ages from kindergarteners to graduate students. As you know, the art of MC’ing is reliant on the ability to rearrange complex ideas into concise rhymes. If they done correctly, MC’sContinue reading “B.A.R.S. (Bomani Armah wRiting System)”


#lookingboychallenge #endrapeculture floss looking boy, boss looking boy, at the bar showing off looking boy that’s just a decoy for the pills you deployed took her home and enjoyed rick ross lookin boy ioeno why you free looking boy rob women of their bodies looking boy then treat her like a toy, are you tryingContinue reading “#lookingboychallenge”


#stakesishighchallenge Good thing I put shea butter on my elbows. Spitting some grown man shit about how high the stakes are for me right now.Teige Jireh you ever have a moment when realities of life spoke to you? that happened when i got this track to put my vocals to stakes getting higher each stageContinue reading “#stakesishighchallenge”


I’mma properly record these soon, but If i don’t just spit them out I’ll sit on them forever… #shookoneschallenge the war on drugs ain’t just reagan and nixon the blood in my eye causes rose colored vision so i approach the game like george jackson in san quentin remind myself that patience has it’s limitsContinue reading “#shookoneschallenge”

The Watermelon Man Album

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the Watermelon Man Album.  A collection of songs I about and for my people working hard to change the world around them.  The first track “Libation” is my new official theme song. “Energy does not die, it transforms” is a mantra that reminds me of how temporary ourContinue reading “The Watermelon Man Album”

Growing Up Green: Hip-Hop Poetry and Composting

repost from Young Audiences of Maryland Teaching Our Youngest Learners Environmental Citizenship Through the Arts Part 2: Local Ecosystems This Spring, Young Audiences wrapped up the initial phase of its pilot programming for Prince George’s County Public School District’s new arts integration initiative, Growing Up Green. We introduced the program in an earlier blog post,Continue reading “Growing Up Green: Hip-Hop Poetry and Composting”

Bambataa, KRS-ONE & the Hip-hop Creation Story

One of the greatest accomplishments in my life has been facilitating safe havens for young people by using the elements of hip-hop culture.  Hip-hop “culture” is not a complete culture by itself, it is an offshoot of black culture and includes expressions of art especially graffiti, breakdancing, dj’ing, mc’ing, beatboxing, fashion etc.  This force hasContinue reading “Bambataa, KRS-ONE & the Hip-hop Creation Story”

Watermelon Day, August 6th 2016

Watermelon day is a celebration of summer and summers favorite fruit. Established by the national watermelon association (NWA), it is now celebrated nationwide. In Washington DC Bomani Armah began celebrating watermelon day with festivals featuring music and art in Northwest DC starting in 2011. Today not only does watermelon day feature summer’s favorite fruit itContinue reading “Watermelon Day, August 6th 2016”

4 Ways I Stay Sane as the State Executes My People in the Street

My job, at this point, is to maintain my sanity in a country that I pay my taxes to, and pledge allegiance to, even though it still does not see me as human. Somehow, I have remained eternally optimistic about my life, my future, and the future of our children in this country, despite seeing it snuffed out on video at the whim of an emotionally unstable employee of the state. How have I done this? Is it naiveté? Is it faith? Is it insanity? Maybe it is a combination of the three. I’ve only recently tried to figure out what it is that keeps me going mentally and emotionally. Here is a short list of the few things I know comforts me in this situation.

Chi-raq is 2015’s “Doing Too Much” not its “Do the Right Thing”.

Seven years ago around this time, we had just elected a black president. I remember the buzz in the air that lasted long after election night. Everyone was trying to figure out the new world we were in, and just happy to have lived to see it.  That year I ended up over my bestContinue reading “Chi-raq is 2015’s “Doing Too Much” not its “Do the Right Thing”.”

“SAY IT LOUD!” at Sankofa Video & Books Cafe

My favorite place is Sankofa Video and Books Café. We are having a special event on Friday October 2nd from 8pm to 11pm called “Say It Loud!”. Here’s what you do: Go buy the special 2 for $15 tickets at (special price until September 21st). Come early, check out the drinks and the foodContinue reading ““SAY IT LOUD!” at Sankofa Video & Books Cafe”

Bomani Talking Fatherhood and Homeschooling on Views and Vibes

Whenever Tariq Omarii calls, I’m there.  Thanks again brother, for inviting me to talk about fatherhood and homeschooling on Views and Vibes.  To be clear (I realize I might give a different impression on social media) I am not a “single father”.  Olu & Dela’s mom is just as invested and active even though theContinue reading “Bomani Talking Fatherhood and Homeschooling on Views and Vibes”