Bambataa, KRS-ONE & the Hip-hop Creation Story

One of the greatest accomplishments in my life has been facilitating safe havens for young people by using the elements of hip-hop culture.  Hip-hop “culture” is not a complete culture by itself, it is an offshoot of black culture and includes expressions of art especially graffiti, breakdancing, dj’ing, mc’ing, beatboxing, fashion etc.  This force hasContinue reading “Bambataa, KRS-ONE & the Hip-hop Creation Story”

Get Out DMV June 25, 2012

Your weekly breakdown of the live entertainment spots in DC this week. Last week was another great week for the DC live music and art scene, and expect this week to be as good or even better.  You can catch two of my favorite percussionist/lyricist, Jali-D & Jabari “Auragin” Exum at two different open micsContinue reading “Get Out DMV June 25, 2012”