Baba Bomani Show sea 1 ep 7 with Mazi Mutafa

I apologize in advance for the poor sound quality. This was a great interview with Mazi, head of one of the foremost art and education non-profits in Washington D.C., Words Beats & Life. Listen as we discuss the genesis of his organization, and his educational experience as the “detention kid” in middle school, to hisContinue reading “Baba Bomani Show sea 1 ep 7 with Mazi Mutafa”

Communicating through Hip Hop

Originally posted on Young Audiences/Arts for Learning Blog:
By Bomani, Young Audiences teaching artist and Hip Hop poet Before my recent residency with fourth-graders at Scholars K-8 in Baltimore County began, the teachers I worked with–Mrs. Brumbalow, Ms. Barnes, and Ms. Hicks–had prepared the students for my arrival. When I walked through the door on…

“Soul Food Junkies” with Byron Hurt

Join us as we launch our new show “the Indie” with Byron Hurt, writer and director of the winning film “Soul Food Junkies” that will air on PBS the same night.  Byron Hurt explores the health advantages and disadvantages of Soul Food, a quintessential American cuisine. Soul food will also be used as the lensContinue reading ““Soul Food Junkies” with Byron Hurt”

The week of June 18, 2012

Your weekly breakdown of the live entertainment spots in DC this week. I usually stay comfortable within the confines of the city on this weekly blog, but I gotta make sure that all my art a& culture lovers know about Artomatic!  Make sure you check out and go check out the 11 floors ofContinue reading “The week of June 18, 2012”